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Family: Pittosporaceae

Citation: Smith, Sp. Bot. New Holl. 1:t. 1 (1793).

Synonymy: Labillardiera Schultes in Roemer & Schultes, Syst. Veg. 5:330 (1819), nom. illegit.; Marianthus Huegel ex Endl., Enum. Pl. Hügel 8 (1837); Rhytidosporum F. Muell., Pl. Indig. Col. Vic. 1:75 (1862).

Common name: Apple-berries.

Twiners or shrubs; leaves entire, lobed or toothed, alternate or sometimes fascicled.

Flowers white, yellow, mauve or blue, solitary or in few- to many-flowered corymbs; sepals free or cohering at the base; petals free or more or less connate at the base or forming a tube, tips spreading; stamens free, opening by longitudinal slits; ovary sessile or occasionally stipitate, glabrous or densely pubescent, 2- or 3-celled; placentation parietal; ovules numerous.

Fruit a coriaceous slightly flattened ovoid or oblong capsule or a 1- or 2-celled berry; seeds numerous, ovoid or globular, dark-brown or black.

Distribution:  Endemic to Australia; 25 species in all States except N.T.

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Flowers solitary
2. Young corolla with united petals, becoming free in the lower one-third with age; leaves cordate at the base
B. bignoniacea 1.
2. Petals free; leaves not cordate at the base
3. Low prostrate to semi-erect shrub
B. procumbens 3.
3. Twining or scrambling plants 1-3 m tall
4. Sepals ovate to lanceolate, glabrous, margins ciliate, up to 6 mm long
B. uniflora 6.
4. Sepals lanceolate to linear, scattered-pubescent on the outer surface, 6 mm or more long
B. scandens 4.
1. Flowers in sessile or pedunculate cymes
5. Cymes pedunculate; corolla pink to mauve or deep-purple
B. cymosa 2.
5. Cymes sessile; corolla cream to yellow, suffused with purple or entirely purple
6. Leaves densely grey to fawn, pubescent on both surfaces
B. sericophora 5.
6. Leaves glabrous or with scattered hairs on both surfaces
B. versicolor 7.

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