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Fact Sheets

The Fact Sheet output comprises:

  • synonyms, regional and overseas distribution, family placement from the current Census of South Australian Plants
  • textual information and illustrations from the last (1986) edition of the Flora of South Australia, which is out of print.
  • current thumbnail distribution maps based on the existing collections in the State Herbarium of South Australia. (Infraspecific taxa are not available at this time.)

You can compile your own folio of species; perhaps on a regional basis, or relating to a particular group of plants.

Names in the Flora of South Australia may have been superseded. For example, Lavatera plebeia is now called Malva preissiana (as will be confirmed by a synonym query in the Census module). Non-existent fact sheets for current names will be provided as resources allow, but by using the Census query form users can access fact sheets relevant to a current name through hyperlinks to their older names or synonyms.

Work on a new, 5th edition of the Flora of South Australia is currently on the way, with several chapters already published online. New and up-dated treatments will be released every 4-6 months. Information from this new edition will be incorporated into the eFloraSA fact sheets in the near future.


To display a printable fact sheet, enter a family, genus or species name in the search boxes below.

Family: Enter a family (e.g. Sapindaceae)
Genus: Enter a genus (e.g. Dodonaea)
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