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Family: Amaranthaceae

Citation: Raf. Fl. Tellur. 4:121 (1838).

Derivation: Greek ein, one; andros, male; referring to the solitary stamen.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Herbaceous or weakly woody perennials; leaves opposite or alternate, linear to broad-hastate, mealy when young.

Flowers small, in clusters arranged in racemose or open panicles; pedicels constricted at the apex; terminal flower of each cluster bisexual; lateral flowers female, without staminodes; perianth-segments 5 (rarely 4); stamens 1-3, glabrous; disk absent; ovary glabrous; stigmas 2, slender.

Fruit with the pericarp either membranous or succulent, not enveloped by the perianth; seed horizontal, lenticular, with a rounded margin; embryo annular; perisperm central and copious.

Distribution:  6 species, 4 endemic to Australia and 2 to New Zealand. P. G. Wilson (1983) Nuytsia 4:199-212.

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Fruit succulent; perianth-segments oblong, often fleshy in fruit; leaves linear to broad-triangular, sometimes hastate, grey to green
E. nutans 1.
1. Fruit dry; perianth-segments in fruit with a hard circular (often black) limb; leaves narrowly oblong-elliptic to narrow-hastate
E. polygonoides 2.

Author: Not yet available

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