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Plant Distribution Mapper

The Plant Distribution Mapper plots known locations of plants on a map of South Australia from herbarium collections held by the State Herbarium of South Australia. To plot herbarium specimens from all Australian herbaria on a map of Australia see Australia's Virtual Herbarium.
An alternative method of mapping SA herbarium specimens is through the Google Maps trial.

Current Coverage

Map coverage provided is for the whole of South Australia and includes the ability to plot the distribution in relation to major roads, towns, National Parks and environmental regions. Locations are provided to multiples of 10 minutes latitude and longitude and each of the dots can be interrogated for further information about the specimen providing the underlying information.


The species name is optional, but a genus with many specimens will be slow to display.

Genus Enter a genus name (e.g. Hakea)
Species and a species name (e.g. leucoptera) (optional)
Infraspecific and an infraspecific name (optional)

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