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Haraldiophyllum erosum (Harvey) Millar & Huisman 1996a: 62, figs 1–14.

Phylum Rhodophyta – Family Delesseriaceae

Selected citations: Huisman 1997: 201.


Nitophyllum erosum Harvey 1859a: pl. 94; 1863, synop.: xxxi. J. Agardh 1872: 50; 1876: 460; 1898: 50. De Toni 1900: 639. De Toni & Forti 1923: 33. Lucas 1909: 35; 1926: 600; 1929b: 50. Lucas & Perrin 1947: 219, 221, fig. 85. Mazza 1926: No. 862. Reinbold 1898: 46. Sonder 1880: 23. Tate 1882a: 20. Tisdall 1898: 509. Wilson 1892: 174.

Aglaophyllum erosum (Harvey) Kützing 1869: 2, p1. 6c, d.

Scutarius erosus (Harvey) Kuntze 1891: 920.

Myriogramme erosa (Harvey) Kylin 1924: 61. Huisman & Walker 1990: 431. May 1965: 400. Silva et al. 1996: 461. Shepherd & Womersley 1981: 366. Womersley 1950: 184.

Nitophyllum fimbriatum Harvey 1855a: 549, nomen illegit. [NON Greville 1833: 447.]

Thallus (Fig. 58A) medium to dark red to red-brown, 5–13 cm high, subdichotomously to laterally complanately branched with branches 6–12 mm broad, reaching 25 mm broad at branchings; margins fringed with multicellular branched spinous processes (Fig. 58B, C) 200–600 µm long, corticated basally, each with a single apical cell; midribs and veins absent. Holdfast discoid, with a short stipe; epilithic or epiphytic. Structure. Growth marginal but vague (Fig. 58C), with intercalary divisions, blades monostromatic and 25–60 µm thick apart from the base and reproductive areas, cells 25–35 across and L/D 1–2 (–4).

Reproduction: Gametophytes dioecious. Procarps scattered over both surfaces, with primary cells cutting off 2 cells on each surface, becoming fertile on one side only with the distal cell developing as a cover cell group (Fig. 58D) and the proximal cell acting as a supporting cell which produces a distal sterile cell and a 4-celled carpogonial branch, followed by a second sterile cell from the supporting cell. Carposporophytes (Fig. 58F, G) with a basal fusion cell incorporating gametophytic cells on the cystocarp base, much branched gonimoblast and clavate to ovoid terminal carposporangia 20–35 µm in diameter. Cystocarps (Fig. 58E) 0.6–1.5 mm in diameter, swollen to hemispherical, ostiolate; pericarp 60–200 µm and 6–7 cells thick, bearing branched processes in the ostiolar side. Spermatangial sori (Fig. 59A) elongate, on both surfaces, with the primary cells producing cortical cells which divide anticlinally to 4 initials, each producing several spermatangia.

Tetrasporangial sori (Fig. 59B) ovate, scattered, 200–600 µm across and 90–130 thick, with 2 layers (Fig. 59C) of tetrasporangia cut off from inner cortical cells which also produce the outer layer of cover cells; tetrasporangia subspherical, 35–60 µm in diameter.

Type from Garden I., W. Aust., lectotype in Herb. Harvey, TCD (Clifton) bearing Harvey's name.

Selected specimens: (see also Millar & Huisman 1996, p. 64): Pearson I., S. Aust., 20–23 m deep (Shepherd & Turner, 29.i i i.1982; AD, A53047). Ell i ston, S. Aust., drift ( Womersley, 13.i.1951; AD, A13566) and on Euptilota, 17 m deep (Shepherd, 12.v.1971; AD, A38681). Stenhouse Bay, S. Aust., drift (Womersley, 9.iv.1950; AD, A16092). Oedipus Point, West I., S. Aust., 26–30 m deep (Shepherd, 5.ii.1967; AD, A32382). West Bay, Kangaroo I., S. Aust., drift (Womersley, 6.i.1946; AD, A3212). Cape du Couedic, Kangaroo I., S. Aust., drift (Womersley, 13.i.1947; AD, A4185). 12 km S of Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo I., S. Aust., 50–70 m deep (Latz, 24.xi.1968; AD, A33011). Seal Bay, Kangaroo I., S. Aust., drift (Mitchell, 22.xi.1968; AD, A32951). Robe, S. Aust., drift (Womersley, 29.viii.1949; AD, A10911). Stinky Bay, Nora Creina, S. Aust., drift (Womersley, 19.viii.1957; AD, A21270 and 3.iv.1999; AD, A68070). Port MacDonnell, S. Aust., drift (Womersley, 28.i.1964; AD, A27399). Warrnambool, Vic., drift (G. & R. Kraft 10400, 2.i.1995; MELU and AD, A68252). Queenscliff, Vic., drift (Norris, 21.i.1963; AD, A25787).

Distribution map based
on current data relating to
specimens held in the
State Herbarium of SA

Distribution: Houtman Abrolhos, W. Aust., to Western Port, Victoria (Millar & Huisman 1996, p. 64).


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The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia Part IIID complete list of references.

Author: H. B. S. Womersley

Publication: Womersley, H.B.S. (24 February, 2003)
The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia
Rhodophyta. Part IIID. Ceramiales – Delesseriaceae, Sarcomeniaceae, Rhodomelaceae
Reproduced with permission from The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia Part IIID 2003, by H.B.S. Womersley. Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia.

Illustrations in Womersley Part IIIA, 2003: FIGS 58, 59 A–C.

Figure 58 image

Figure 58   enlarge

Fig. 58. Haraldiophyllum erosum (A, AD, A32951; B, E–G, AD, A27399; C, AD, A33011; D, AD, A13566). A. Habit. B. Branch with marginal tufts of spines and cystocarps. C. Marginal apex with spines. D. Procarps, with cover cells overlying the carpogonial branch. E. A cystocarp. F. Cross section of a cystocarp. G. Carposporophyte with terminal carposporangia.

Figure 59 image

Figure 59   enlarge

Fig. 59. A–C. Haraldiophyllum erosum (A, AD, A33011; B,C, AD, A68070). A. Spermatangial sori. B. Tetrasporangial sori. C. Transverse section of a tetrasporangial sorus. D, E. Haraldiophyllum nottii (AD, A46142). D. A tetrasporangial sorus. E. Transverse section of a tetrasporangial sorus.

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