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Genus PORPHYRIDIUM Nägeli 1849: 138, nom. cons.

Phylum Rhodophyta – Class Bangiophyceae – Order Porphyridiales – Family Porphyridiaceae

Reproduction: Reproduction by cell division.

Type species: P. cruentum (S.F. Gray)Nägeli [= P. purpureum (Bory) Drew & Ross 1965: 98].

Taxonomic notes: Single celled, free living or as flat, irregularly aggregated masses, usually one cell thick. Cells subspherical to ovoid, each with a prominent gelatinous sheath, rhodoplast stellate with a central pyrenoid, red, blue-green, olive-green to grayish.

Porphyridium includes 5 species (Ott 1972), distinguished by their plastid colour. Most species inhabit soil or aerial situations (Bold & Wynne 1985, p. 533), but P. purpureum is known from fresh-water, brackish and marine situations. It is the only species with a "blood red" plastid.


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The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia Part IIIA complete list of references.

Author: H.B.S. Womersley

Publication: Womersley, H.B.S. (14 January, 1994)
The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia
Rhodophyta. Part IIIA, Bangiophyceae and Florideophyceae (to Gigartinales)
Reproduced with permission from The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia Part IIIA 1994, by H.B.S. Womersley. Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia.

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