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Genus STREBLONEMA Derbés & Solier 1851: 100

Phylum Phaeophyta – Order Ectocarpales

Thallus forming small tufts (0.5–3 mm high) with endophytic, horizontal to descending filaments within the host cortex, and erect or creeping, slightly to moderately branched filaments outside the host; phaeophycean hairs usually present. Growth diffuse. Cells usually short, with several discoid phaeoplasts per cell.

Reproduction: Reproduction by uniseriate to multiseriate plurilocular organs and by unilocular sporangia, borne terminally or laterally on the erect or creeping filaments.

Type species: S. sphaericum (Derbés & Solier) Thuret in Le Jolis 1863: 73.

Taxonomic notes: A comparatively large genus of 30–40 species of minute epiphytes attached in the outer cortex of other brown and red algae. Kuckuck (1954) listed 24 species while Hamel (1931, pp. 65–70) described 5 species from France and Setchell & Gardner (1925, pp. 440–453) described 16 species from the Pacific Coast of North America; the latter were reduced to 10 species by Abbott & Hollenberg (1976, pp. 149–156).

Streblonema is usually placed in the Ectocarpales due to similarity to other genera of the Ectocarpaceae, from which it differs by the minute free filaments and higher proportion of endophytic filaments. However, Streblonema-like stages occur in the life history of Asperococcus fistulosus, Litosiphon pusillus and other genera (Pedersen 1984, pp. 19, 31, 66) and many Streblonema species may not be independent entities.

The following species is now recorded from southern Australia and several further species probably occur.


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The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia Part II complete list of references.

Author: H.B.S. Womersley

Publication: Womersley, H.B.S. (14 December, 1987)
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Part II
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