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Phylum Chlorophyta

Thallus of slender, unbranched, uniseriate filaments. Cells small, uninucleate; chloroplast single, parietal, band-shaped and often somewhat lobed or slightly reticulate, usually not occupying all of the cell wall, usually with one to a few pyrenoids.

Life history heteromorphic with an erect, usually macroscopic gametophyte producing in vegetative cells biflagellate gametes (isogametes, anisogametes or oogametes) or bi- or quad-spores, and a unicellular, microscopic sporophyte (Codiolum stage) producing quadriflagellate zoo(meio)spores.

Taxonomic notes: The order Ulotrichales is often (e.g. Scagel 1966, p. 26; Abbott & Hollenberg 1976, p. 54) considered to include families (e.g. Chaetophoraceae, Ulvaceae) which are here recognised as separate orders, following Round (1971), Kornmann & Sahling (1977) and Bold & Wynne (1978). The only family so far recognised in the southern Australian marine flora is the Ulotrichaceae.

The Codiolum stage has often been recorded as a separate taxon, and C. kuckuckii Skottsberg & Levring ex Levring (1941, p. 604, fig. 1A) was described from the apices of branches of the brown alga Splachnidium rugosum. This latter alga is widespread in sub-antarctic seas and occurs in south-eastern Australia, but there is no definite record of Codiolum in Splachnidium in Australia. The "record" of Levring (1941, p. 604) was apparently a generalisation from the distribution of Splachnidium.


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The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia Part I complete list of references.

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