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Phylum Chlorophyta

Thallus applanate, globose or erect and usually branched, composed of densely entwined filaments forming a medulla and a cortex of elongate utricles bearing lateral gametangia; cross walls absent, but in many species one medullary filament adjacent to the base of each utricle with a plug largely blocking the filament; cell walls of mannan; homoplastic, with chloroplasts only, containing siphonein and siphonoxanthin.

Life history diplontic with gametic meiosis, anisogamous.

Taxonomic notes: This order (Feldmann 1954) contains only the single genus Codium in the family Codiaceae. Some authors (e.g. Bold & Wynne 1978, p. 191) include it as a family of the Caulerpales.


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The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia Part I complete list of references.

Author: H.B.S. Womersley

Publication: Womersley, H.B.S. (31 May, 1984)
The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia
Part I
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