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Cladophora crinalis Harvey 1855b; 263.

Phylum Chlorophyta – Order Cladophorales – Family Cladophoraceae

Selected citations: Chapman 1956: 449, fig. 102.

Thallus (Fig. 66D) medium to dark green, in dense tufts 2–10 cm high and up to 4 cm across, with numerous axes gently tapering towards the apical cells; main filaments basally unbranched or pseudodichotomous, ending in more or less penicillate branch systems (Fig. 68E) and attached by rhizoids from cells in the basal region (Fig. 68G); epilithic. Growth weakly or distinctly acropetal in the terminal fascicles (with straight, mostly unilateral and appressed branchlets), but with frequent intercalary divisions (Fig. 68E), new cells often producing a lateral but also with rows of several unbranched cells; parent cells with 1–2 (–3) laterals at acute angles; basal cross walls of laterals oblique, soon becoming horizontal.

Apical cells (Fig. 68E,F) cylindrical with slightly tapering tips, 50–80 µm in diameter and L/B 3.5–8; ultimate branch cells 55–90 µm in diameter and L/B 2.5–6; lower thallus cells 80–130 µm in maximum diameter and L/B 2–8; ratio of lower cell to apical cell diameters 1.5–2.5; cell wall 1.5–2.5 µm thick in upper cells, up to 16 µm thick in lower cells.

Reproduction: Reproduction by terminal rows of short, swollen, zooidangia (Fig. 68F), the apical ones with a mamilliform tip; the terminal fascicles may entirely disintegrate by sporulation.

Selected specimens: Venus Bay, S. Aust., mid eulittoral, shaded (Womersley, 17.i.1951; ADU, A14959). Cape Lannes, S. Aust., mid eulittoral wave-washed rocks (van den Hoek 81/ 1; ADU, A52367). Stinky Bay, Nora Creina, S. Aust., mid eulittoral wave-washed ledges (van den Hoek 81/9a, 5.ix.1981; ADU, A52690). Bridgewater Bay, Vic., mid eulittoral pools ( Womersley, 29.xii.1981; ADU, A52851-"Marine Algae of southern Australia" No. 223). Point Lonsdale, Vic., lower eulittoral (van den Hoek 81/6, 31.viii.1981; ADU, A52688). Sandy Cape, Tas., mid eulittoral (Bennett 23, 5.i.1954; ADU, A19724). Blackmans Bay, Tas., lower eulittoral (Curtis, 3.xi.1957; HO, 44868). Retreat, R. Derwent, Tas. (Rodway, Sept.1909; HO, 44877).

Distribution map based
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Distribution: New Zealand.

In southern Australia, from Venus Bay, S. Aust. to Walkerville Vic. and around Tas. on low eulittoral and upper sublittoral wave-washed rocks.

Taxonomic notes: Type from New Zealand (Colenso); in Herb. Harvey, TCD.

Cl. crinalis is similar to Cl. sericea, from which it differs by growing in dense tufts, by having cylindrical apical cells with slightly tapering tips (instead of the whole apical cell tapering), and by the relatively small increase in diameter from apical cells to main axes.


CHAPMAN, V.J. (1956). The marine algae of New Zealand. Part I. Myxophyceae and Chlorophyceae. J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 55 (360), 333–501, Plates 24–50.

HARVEY, W.H. (1855b). Algae. In J.D. Hooker, The Botany of the Antarctic Voyage. Part II. Flora Novae-Zelandiae. Vol. 2, pp. 211–266, Plates 107–121.

The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia Part I complete list of references.

Author: C. van den Hoek and H.B.S. Womersley.

Publication: Womersley, H.B.S. (31 May, 1984)
The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia
Part I
©Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, Government of South Australia

Illustrations in Womersley Part I, 1984: FIGS 66D, 68 E–G.

Figure 66 image

Figure 66   enlarge

Fig. 66. A. Cladophora hutchinsioides (Holotype). B. Cladophora montagneana (ADU, A51018). C. Cladophora albida (ADU, A52682). D. Cladophora crinalis (ADU, A52690).

Figure 68 image

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Fig. 68. A–D. Cladophora albida (A,B,ADU, 452369, C,D, ADU. 452567). A–C. Upper branch systems. D. Reproductive filaments. E–G. Cladophora crinalis (ADV. A52367). E. Branch system. F. Upper filaments with iooidangia. G. Base of thallus.

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