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Bryopsis minor Womersley 1955: 387, fig. 1; 1956: 363.

Phylum Chlorophyta – Order Derbesiales – Family Bryopsidaceae

Thallus (Fig. 93A,B) to 15 cm high, spreading to tufted, much branched irregularly radially, arising from branched rhizoids. Axes and main branches (Fig. 94A) 150–350 µm in diameter, denuded below, scars conspicuous on older axes; laterals 40–80 µm in diameter; ramuli 1–3 mm long and (12–) 20–55 tan in diameter; chloroplasts ovoid to lenticular, 4–10 µ long, with starch plates surrounding an indistinct pyrenoid (Fig. 94B).

Reproduction: Reproduction by ovoid gametes (6–) 8–10 µm long and 4–6 µm broad, each with 3–4 chloroplasts.

Holotype from American River inlet, Kangaroo I., S. Aust., on black buoy (Womersley, 6.ix.1946; ADU, A4124).

Distribution map based
on current data relating to
specimens held in the
State Herbarium of SA

Distribution: Known from the type locality and from Port MacDonnell, S. Aust., drift in harbour (Womersley, 15.v.1982; ADU, A53161 and 17.v.1983; ADU, A54041).

Taxonomic notes: The large, bushy specimens from Port MacDonnell are placed with the small (to 2 cm high) type specimen from American R. inlet on the basis of habit, branching, dimensions of the slender ramuli and chloroplast structure, but the species clearly needs further investigation from living material in culture.


WOMERSLEY, H.B.S. (1955). New marine Chlorophyta from southern Australia. Pacif. Sci. 9, 387–395.

WOMERSLEY, H.B.S. (1956). A critical survey of the marine algae of southern Australia. I. Chlorophyta. Aust. J. mar. freshw. Res. 7, 343–383.

The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia Part I complete list of references.

Author: H.B.S. Womersley

Publication: Womersley, H.B.S. (31 May, 1984)
The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia
Part I
©Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, Government of South Australia

Illustrations in Womersley Part I, 1984: FIGS 93A,B, 94A,B.

Figure 93 image

Figure 93   enlarge

Fig. 93. A. Bryopsis minor (ADU, A4124, type). B. Bryopsis minor (ADU, A54041). C. Bryopsis macraildii (ADU, A50706, type). D. Bryopsis macraildii (ADU, A18368, Harvey 572A). E. Bryopsis macraildii (ADU, A5782).

Figure 94 image

Figure 94   enlarge

Fig. 94. A,B. Bryopsis minor (ADU, A54041). A. Branching system. B. Chloroplasts with starch plates surrounding indistinct pyrenoids (upper from ramuli, lower from axes). C,D. Bryopsis macraildii. C. Branching (ADU, A50706). D. Upper branch (ADU, A5782). E. Bryopsis foliosa. Axes with laterals and ramuli (ADU, A50704).

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