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Family: Myrtaceae

Citation: DC., Prod. 3:208 (1828).

Derivation: An epithet of Venus as "the turner of hearts".

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: Feather-flowers.

Shrubs with small entire sessile opposite leaves.

Flowers in corymbose heads, pedicellate, with 2 membranous bracteoles about as long as the hypanthium; hypanthium glabrous or papillose, hollow, cylindrical, 5-ribbed, extending above the ovary; sepals 5, fringed with long hairs; petals 5, shorter than the sepals including their hairs; stamens 10, short, alternating with as many staminodes, shortly united in a ring at the base; anthers globular, opening in 2 small terminal pores; ovary 1-celled, enclosed in the lower part of the hypanthium; ovules few, on a short basal placenta; style not or shortly exserted from the flower, bearded towards the summit.

Fruit indehiscent, consisting of the somewhat hardened hypanthium and ovary.

Distribution:  About 55 species in W.Aust. and S.Aust.

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: Johnson & Briggs in Morley & Toelken (1983), Flowering plants in Australia, p. 184, consider the S. Aust. species should be placed in Rylstonea R.T. Baker, differing from Verticordia in lacking hairs on the sepal processes and hypanthium and reflexed accessory lobes.

Author: Not yet available

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