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Family: Fabaceae
Swainsona oliveri

Citation: F. Muell., Wing's South Sci. Rec. 2:152 (1882).

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Small prostrate slender apparently annual herb; stems to 15 cm long, radiating from a central tap root; rather sparsely pubescent with short appressed basifixed or laterally attached hairs on stems and leaves; leaves 1.5-3.5 cm long, with 9-13 leaflets; leaflets narrow-obovate, obtuse or retuse, 2-6.5 (usually 3-4) x 1-2 mm, glabrous above, pubescent underneath; stipules lanceolate, 1-2 mm long, pubescent outside.

Flowers 4-5 mm long, on darkhaired pedicels 1-2 mm long, in 1-3-flowered racemes near the summit of the 1-4 cm long filiform awned peduncle; bract as long as the pedicel, broad-lanceolate, pubescent; bracteoles attached distally at the tip of the pedicel, filiform, to 0.5 mm long; calyx c. 3 mm long, pubescent with dark hairs; teeth triangular, shorter than the tube; petals blue or yellow or yellow and white; standard slightly longer than the calyx, obovate, longer than broad, gradually tapering into a short claw (?remaining folded during flowering); wings narrow-oblong, obtuse, shortest, on a short slender claw; keel about the same length as the standard, lamina geniculate, straight above, with an acute pink tip at right angles, curving to a linear base, ending in a c. 1 mm long slender claw; ovary fusiform, densely appressed-pubescent with white hairs; style short, incurved or almost coiled, the beard not certainly present, with a tuff of short hairs behind the stigma pointing centripetally.

Pod fusiform, shortly pointed at both ends, 15-25 x 2-4 mm, deeply impressed along the suture, with a straight or curved beak, walls thin but firm, smooth, hoary with short appressed hairs, to 20-seeded; seed square-cordate, c. 1.5 mm across, pitted, olive-green, dark-mottled.

image of FSA2_Swainsona_oliv.jpg
Image source: fig. 337B in J.P. Jessop and H.R. Toelken Ed. 1986. Flora of South Australia (4th edn).

Published illustration: Cunningham et al. (1982) Plants of western New South Wales, p. 418.

Distribution:  Sandy plains.

S.Aust.: NW, LE, NU, GT, FR, EP.   W.Aust.; N.S.W. (western section).

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: Aug. — Sept.

SA Distribution Map based
on current data relating to
specimens held in the
State Herbarium of South Australia

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: Shows similarities with S. minutiflora in which the hairs are medifixed and style-tip lacks hairtufts.

Author: Not yet available

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