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Family: Fabaceae
Swainsona leeana

Citation: J. Weber, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 7:301 (1985). Small prostrate slender apparently annual herb; stems to 20 cm long, radiating from a central tap root; indumentum of soft white basifixed hairs, moderately appressed, rather spreading, sparse on the stems and peduncles, denser on the leaves; leaves 10-25 mm long, with 5-7 leaflets; leaflets oblong-ovate, 5-10 x 2.5-4 mm, more densely pubescent underneath; stipules narrow-triangular, 3-4 mm long, leafy, pubescent on both sides.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Flowers 4-5 mm long, on 1 mm long pedicels, covered with white and brown hairs, in 1-3-flowered terminal racemes on filiform peduncles 20-35 mm long, awned terminally, prostrate when the pods are mature; bract ovate-lanceolate, slightly exceeding the pedicel, pubescent; bracteoles filiform, at the base of the calyx, pubescent; calyx 2.5-3 mm long, clothed rather densely with white and brown long spreading hairs; teeth narrow-triangular, acuminate, about equalling the tube in length; petals yellow; standard cordate-elliptic, hooded, as broad as long, not suddenly attenuated into the triangular to 0.5 mm long claw; lamina with radiating veins, without calli or thickenings, remaining folded during flowering; wings ovate-oblong, obtuse, shortest, distinctly auriculate above the filiform to 0.7 mm long claw; keel obovate-cuneate; tip subacute, more or less at right angles, without folds or pouches; ovary subsessile, semilunar in outline, densely pubescent with appressed white hairs; style slender, curved, unevenly bearded in the basal two-thirds, densely bearded in the upper part, with hair tufts behind the inflexed stigma.

Pod subsessile, oblong, obtuse at both ends, 9-12 x 5-7 mm, slightly incurved and dorsiventrally flattened, walls thin but firm, often brown, pubescent with white appressed hairs, c. 20-seeded; seed cordate, c. 2 mm across, olive-green, mottled dark.

image of FSA2_Swainsona_lee.jpg
Image source: fig. 334A in J.P. Jessop and H.R. Toelken Ed. 1986. Flora of South Australia (4th edn).

Distribution:  S.Aust.: LE, FR, EP.   W.Aust. (Tomkinson Range).

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: July, Sept.

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Biology: Not Applicable

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