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Family: Myrtaceae

Citation: Benth., in Benth. & Hook. f., Gen. Pl. 1:700 (1865).

Derivation: Greek mikros, small; Latin myrtus, the myrtle.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: Heath-myrtles.

Shrubs, spreading to slender and erect, glabrous, 0.5-1 m high; leaves small, entire, opposite, decussate, dotted with immersed oil glands.

Flowers small, solitary in the upper axils; sepals 5, membranous or petaloid, entire or fimbriate; petals 5, white, pink or yellow, entire; stamens 5 and opposite the petals, or 10 and opposite the sepals and petals; gland on the anther connective small; ovary inferior, 1-celled, fused to the ribbed or granular hypanthium; placenta apical to lateral; ovules 4-10.

Distribution:  About 22 species, in southern and central Australia. (Green (1980) Nuytsia 3:183-209, and (1983) Nuytsia 4:317-331 .)

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Stamens 10; filaments strap-like; sepals fimbriate
M. fimbrisepala 2.
1. Stamens 5; filaments narrow; sepals entire
2. Hypanthium irregularly 5-ribbed; petals white to pink; ovules 4
M. ciliata 1.
2. Hypanthium granular, sometimes faintly 5-angled; petals yellow; ovules usually 10
M. flaviflora 3.

Author: Prepared by J. W. Green

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