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Family: Malvaceae

Citation: Jaub. & Spach, Ill. Pl. Orient. 5:47 (1855).

Derivation: Malva, generic name for the mallow; Latin -ella, denoting the diminutive.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Undershrubs with stellate-tomentose or -scaly indumentum; leaves petiolate, ovate to reniform, crenate or serrate, alternate; stipules subulate, moderately caducous.

Flowers bisexual, on axillary simple peduncles, not showy; epicalyx of 1-3 subulate segments; calyx with 5 lobes at least as long as the tube; petals 5, cream-coloured; anthem numerous, on filaments arising from the top of a fairly long tube; carpels 5-10, in a single whorl, with 1 ovule in each cell; style-branches as many as the carpels, capitate, fused below; stigmas confined to the tips of the styles, lateral carpel walls reticulately thickened.

Fruit separating into fruitlets, elevated at the apex, the fruitlets dehiscing by 2 valves.

Distribution:  4 species from America, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: Fryxell (1974), Southwestern Nat. 19:97-103, is followed in separating this genus from Sida in which most authors have placed it.

Author: Not yet available

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