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Family: Aizoaceae

Citation: N.E. Br., Gdnrs' Chron. 87:211 (1930).

Derivation: Greek lampros, bright; anthos, flower.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Prostrate or shrubby perennials with opposite shortly connate fleshy trigonous smooth sessile exstipulate leaves.

Flowers solitary, terminal, pedunculate; perianth lobes 5, free; stamens many, erect, arising from a short staminal tube; staminodes numerous, all petaloid and showy, often yellow to red; ovary inferior, usually 5-celled, ovules parietal; styles as many as cells.

Capsule opening when wet by as many valves as there are ovary cells, keels winged, tubercle 0; seeds nearly black, rough, pyriform.

Distribution:  Nearly 200 species, probably all native to South Africa.

Biology: No text

Uses: Commonly grown as ornamentals, and difficulty is experienced in determining whether or not a particular specimen represents a naturalised population and, if so, what its correct identification is. A. Prescott and J. Venning (1984) are followed in recognising a single species in S.Aust.

Author: Not yet available

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