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Family: Proteaceae
Grevillea lavandulacea

Citation: Schldl., Linnaea 20:586 (1847).

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: Lavender grevillea.

Prostrate to spreading bush 0.3-1 m high; branchlets terete or obscurely ribbed, raised- to appressed-tomentose, quickly or tardily glabrescent; leaves spreading, rigid, sessile, linear to elliptic, 0.2-3.5 cm X 0.7-8 mm, obtuse to acute, flat with the margins narrowly to greatly recurved, upper surface persistently sericeous or glabrescent, sometimes with a prominent midrib, minutely tuberculate, dark-green, lower surface persistently raised- or appressed-tomentose, sometimes covered by the meeting of opposite margins, the apex acute, gradually attenuated into a straight 0.5-2 mm long mucro.

Racemes simple, terminal, sometimes on short axillary shoots, umbelliform, dense, with 1-13 pink to red flowers, the perianth limb whitish; rhachis, pedicel and perianth externally densely raised- or more or less appressed-tomentose, the perianth tube sparsely so; rhachis 0.5-6 mm long, rarely to 2 cm; pedicel 3-9 mm long; torus oblique to almost vertical; perianth 6-11 mm long, with the broad tube reflexed so that the globular limb reaches halfway down the tube, densely hirsute around the summit of the ovary, sparser above, glabrous below, splitting fully down one side only; gland thick, semi-circular; gynophore and ovary of similar length, densely white-hirsute, the hairs somewhat appressed or the gynophore sparsely so; style almost straight, exserted well above the perianth, 17-25 mm long, sparsely raised-white-tomentose at the base or higher, glabrous above; pollen-presenter a glabrous oblique thick concave disc with a broad short cone.

Fruit curved-ovoid, 12-15 mm long, tomentose, laterally but vertically inserted on the c. 6-8 mm long stipe, with a persistent terminal style; seeds when young ellipsoid, brown, with a groove lined by a narrow cream wing on one side, the wing extended slightly into a short caruncle-like process at the apex.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: No flowering time is available

SA Distribution Map based
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specimens held in the
State Herbarium of South Australia

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: A species variable in leaf size and shape and persistence of tomentum. Bentham's original division into two varieties seems a natural one with a geographical basis; nevertheless var. sericea is polymorphic, including, for example, plants with leaves persistently pubescent or glabrescent above, and warrants study.

Author: Not yet available

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