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Family: Poaceae

Citation: S.T. Blake, Contr. Qld Herb. 13:25 (1972).

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Tufted perennials, with scaly woolly bases; leaf blades flat; ligule of hairs.

Inflorescence a long-exserted spike-like raceme; spikelets dorsally compressed, with 1 bisexual floret and a male or sterile floret below, bearded at the base; glumes 2, at least as long as the florets, subequal in length, 7-11-nerved, narrowed towards the apex but lacking an awn-like tip; first glume with a thickened transverse ridge below the tip bearing a series of bristles on the back, with a hyaline window-like excavation extending from below the ridge to the base; second glume much hardened below the apex with a series of large tubercles near each margin bearing bristles; first lemma 5-nerved, second lemma a little longer than the first, finely 3-5-nerved, palea resembling the lemma.

Distribution:  3 Australian species. (S. T. Blake (1972) Contr. Qld Herb. 13).

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Stems minutely silky-pubescent beneath the inflorescence; spikelets 1.6-2.1 mm broad
2. Inflorescence c. 2-3.5 cm long; spikelets usually rostrate, the middle and upper ones with long fine hairs in addition to short fine hairs and long bristles
T. mitchelliana 1.
2. Inflorescence 5-9 cm long; spikelets gradually acuminate, without long fine hairs
T. multiculmis 2.
1. Stems glabrous beneath the inflorescence; spikelets 1.25-1.5 mm broad
T. xerophila 3.

Author: Not yet available

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