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Family: Fabaceae

Citation: R. Br., in W.T. Aiton, Hort. Kew. edn 2, 4:269 (1812).

Derivation: After J. Templeton, Irish botanist, 1766-1825.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: Templetonias.

Glabrous shrubs or subshrubs with 1 to several stems formed from a woody rootstock, mostly unarmed, but sometimes branches spine-tipped or stipules spinescent; leaves alternate or rarely several at a node, simple, 1-foliolate or digitately or pinnately 3-5-foliolate, entire, or reduced to scales or absent.

Flowers solitary or several in the axils of the leaves or notches of the branches, pedicels usually with a basal bract and a pair of bracteoles towards the apex, persistent; calyx with 5 short ciliolate lobes or 4-lobed owing to the union of the upper 2 lobes, the lowest sometimes longest; corolla variable, petals clawed; standard suborbicular or ovate, reflexed; wings and keel narrow, obtuse; stamens 10, filaments joined in a sheath split open on the upper side,- anthers alternately long and basifixed, and dorsifixed and usually shorter; ovary glabrous, style incurved, 1- to several-ovulate.

Pod narrow-oblong to oblong-elliptic, flattish, coriaceous, dehiscent; seed with a small hilum surrounded by a collar-like aril with a raised lateral lip. Endemic to Australia, with 11 species, widely distributed throughout the mainland.

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Stipules spinescent, spreading or recurred, to 1 cm long
T. aculeata 1.
1. Stipules not spinescent
2. Branches appearing leafless; leaves reduced to scales; standard orbicular, notched
3. Branches terete
4. Branches rigid, spreading, usually ending in spines; style flattened
T. battii 2.
4. Branches flexible, erect, sometimes tipped with soft mucros; style filiform
T. egena 3.
3. Branches flattened
T. sulcata 6.
2. Branches leafy; leaves simple, 1-foliolate; standard ovate or orbicular and slightly notched
5. Leaves oblong-cuneate or obovate, 7-25 mm wide; flowers c. 30 mm long; standard ovate, entire
T. retusa 4.
5. Leaves linear to narrow-oblong, 1-3 mm wide; flowers c. 11 mm long; standard orbicular, slightly notched
T. stenophylla 5.

Author: Not yet available

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