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Family: Poaceae
Stipa flavescens

Citation: Labill., Nov. Holl. Pl. Sp. 1:24, pl. 30 (1804).

Synonymy: S. elatior (Benth.)Hughes, Kew Bull. 1921:24 (1921); S. tenuiglumis Hughes, Kew Bull. 1921:22 (1921); S. compacta Hughes, Kew Bull. 1921:24 (1921); S. aphanoneura Hughes, Kew Bull. 1921:25 (1921); S. pubescens R. Br. vat. maritima J. Black, Trans. R. Soc. S. Aust. 67:36 (1943); S. scabra Lindley vat. elatior Benth., Fl. Aust. 7:571 (1878); S. scabra Lindley vat. striata Benth., Fl. Aust. 7:571 (1878).

Common name: None

Often rhizomatous; stems usually stout, to 1.2 m high; nodes pubescent to almost glabrous; sheaths inflated, glabrous to pubescent; ligule truncate, 0.3-0.6 mm long; auricles hirsute; blades to 70 cm long, to 7 mm wide, glabrous to hirsute.

Panicle 10-40 (usually 20-30) cm long, contracted, to 3 cm wide (excluding the awns); glumes gaping, acuminate to acute; lower glume 9-14 (rarely to t6)mm long; upper glume 9-11 (rarely to 14)mm long; floret narrow-cylindrical or elliptic, 7 (rarely 5.5)-9 mm long (excluding the awn): lemma dark-brown, granular, with erect yellow to orange hairs to the apex; lobes to 0.5 mm long; coma 0.3-1.2 mm long; callus 1.6-3 mm long, straight and sharp; awn 4-7 cm long, twice bent; column 1.8-3 cm long, densely pubescent.

Distribution:    W.Aust.; N.S.W.; Vic.; Tas.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: Oct. — Dec., March.

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Biology: No text

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