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Family: Poaceae

Citation: P. Beauv., Agrost. 51 (1812).

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: Pigeon-grasses.

Perennials or annuals; leaf blades flat or rolled, often minutely scabrid; ligule usually of cilia.

Inflorescence a usually cylindrical and spike-like panicle; spikelets subtended by 1 or more scabrous persistent bristles, plano-convex, with 1 fertile floret, subsessile, crowded; first glume small, usually one half of the length of the spikelet or less, 1-3-nerved, the second 5-7-nerved; first lemma 5-7-nerved, sometimes containing a hyaline palea, second (fertile) lemma and palea tough, shining, more or less wrinkled or pitted.

Distribution:  About 140 species from warm and tropical areas. (Key taken mainly from Burbidge & Gray (1970) Flora of the Australian Capital Territory).

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Bristles of inflorescence with teeth directed forwards
2. Second glume shorter than the strongly rugulose fertile lemma
3. Panicle narrowly cylindrical, 4-5 mm diam. (including the bristles); bristles less than twice as long as the spikelets
S. gracilis 2.
3. Panicle cylindrical-oblong, 6-12 mm diam.; bristles 2 or 3 times as long as the spikelets
S. pumila 4.
2. Second glume approximately as long as the smooth or slightly rugulose fertile lemma
4. Bristles 1 or less often 2 or 0 below each spikelet
S. dielsii 1.
4. Bristles usually 3 or more below each spikelet
5. Panicle 5-20 cm long; glumes and the first lemma remaining on the inflorescence after the fruit is shed
S. italica 3.
5. Panicle to 5 cm long; glumes and lemmas shed with the fruit
S. viridis 6.
1. Bristles of the inflorescence with teeth directed backwards
S. verticillata 5.

Author: Not yet available

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