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Family: Goodeniaceae
Scaevola angustata

Citation: Carolin, sp. nov2

Synonymy: S. nitida sensu J. Black, Fl. S. Aust. 564 (1929), non R. Br.

Common name: None

Shrub to 1 m high; stems decumbent or ascending, woody, glabrous, terete or slightly ribbed distally; leaves oblanceolate to elliptic, attenuate and decurrent or rarely sagittate at the base, 2-10 cm long, 4-20 mm wide, acute, denticulate, viscid when young, glabrous.

Flowers sessile in loose terminal or axillary spikes on stalks to 9.5 cm long; bracts linear, 5-24 mm long, entire; bracteoles linear to narrow-triangular, 3-9 mm long, far exceeding the ovary, keeled; sepals connate, forming a rim c. 0.3 mm long, sometimes undulate; corolla pale-blue or violet, 11-20 mm long, glabrous or subglabrous outside, bearded inside the throat; lobes narrowly elliptic, 6-11 mm long, apiculate, broadly winged; tube 5-8 mm long; style 7.5-10 mm long, pilose below; indusium transversely oblong, c. 2 mm wide, glabrous except for a few short hairs near the base and a minutely ciliate orifice; ovary ellipsoid, 1.7-2.5 mm long, 2-celled, glabrous to appressed-pubescent.

Fruit broad-obovoid, c. 3 mm long, wrinkled, 2-celled; mesocarp thin, dry.

image of FSA3_Scaevola_ang.jpg Habit, leaf, flower
Image source: fig. 635d in Jessop J.P. & Toelken H.R. (Ed.) 1986. Flora of South Australia (4th edn).

Distribution:  In heath on dunes and limestone near the coast.

S.Aust.: NU, EP, YP, SL, KI, SE.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: most of the year, mainly Aug. — Dec.

SA Distribution Map based
on current data relating to
specimens held in the
State Herbarium of South Australia

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: Scaevola angustara Carolin, sp. nov. Frutex glaber foliis oblanceolatis vel ellipticis ac viscidis ubi juvenalibus. Bractcolac lineares ad anguste triangulares ovarium superantia. Fructus obloideus rugosus. Holotype: Aldinga, c. 40 km south-south-west of Adelaide, 31.viii.1966, J.R. Wheeler 21 (AD 96647085). The specific epithet refers to the leaves which are narrower than those of S. nitida with which this species has previously been confused.

Author: Not yet available

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