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Family: Orchidaceae
Pterostylis xerophila

Citation: M. Clements, sp. nov.1

Synonymy: Oligochaetochilus xerophilus, Pterostylis sp. Undescribed (fig.446, Jessop, 1978), Pterostylis Triloba (pl. 191, Bates & Weber 1990)

Common name: None

Slender species, 6-20 cm high; leaves 3-10 in a small basal rosette which is often withered at flowering time, lamina lanceolate, 10-30 x 5-8 mm; stem bracts 1 or 2, acute, sheathing, and 1 at the base of each pedicel.

Flowers 1-8, reddish or brown, on short pedicels, often nodding; galea from the base to the crest 10-18 mm long; the apex produced into a fine point 3-8 mm long; opening of galea very broad; lateral sepals (lower lip) reflexed, about as long as the galea; their base very broad and rounded, conjoined, usually not beset with setae; the lobes forming a narrow to broad sinus, their apices produced into fine points 1-3 cm long, these often hooked at the tip; labellum irritable, on a wide claw, lamina ovate, more than 2 mm broad, thick and fleshy, concave to convex, minutely tuberculate, shallowly channelled below, tip straight not decurved; margins with several setae, channelled below, column much incurved; wings quadrangular, upper angles toothed or ciliate, lower lobes blunt and ciliate; stigma elliptical.

Distribution:  Occurs singly or in small populations in fertile soils on or around granite or quartzite rock outcrops, less commonly on fertile alluvial flats (although possibly more common in this situation before settlement). This species has been collected from areas receiving less than 200 mm mean annual rainfall near the Great Victoria Desert.

S.Aust.: GT, EP, MU.   Vic.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: Sept. — Nov.

SA Distribution Map based
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State Herbarium of South Australia

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: Pterostylis xerophila M. Clements, sp. nov. Affinis Pterostylidi gibbosae R. Br. a qua habitu crassiore; floribus rufo-brunneis; sepalis lateralibus ad ovarium non prominenter reflexis, apicibus 1-3 cm longis; et labello elliptico-oblongo, concavo, rufo-brunneo, cum aliquot paribus oppositus setarum in marginibus lateralibus dispositis, differt. Holotype: cultivated Adelaide ex "Wynbring, Great Victoria Desert, South Australia; on rocky outcrops", 22 Oct. 1978, R. Bates s.n. (AD).

Author: Not yet available

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