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Family: Compositae
Podolepis jaceoides

Citation: Voss, Vilmorin. Blumengart. 1:537 (1894).

Synonymy: Scalia jaceoides Sims, Curtis's Bot. Mag. 24: t. 956 (1806); P. acuminata R. Br. in W.T. Aiton, Hort. Kew. edn 2, 5:82 (1813).

Common name: Showy copper-wire daisy, showy podolepis.

Perennial herb to 70 cm high; stems several, produced annually from a thickened stock, erect, unbranched below the inflorescence, brownish, sparsely cobwebby; basal leaves numerous in a persistent cluster, oblanceolate, attenuate basally, acute, up to 20 cm long, to 2 cm wide, glabrous to scabrous above, cobwebby to glabrescent below; cauline leaves narrowly lanceolate, subamplexicaul, 1-5 cm long, 2-10 mm wide, scabrous above, slightly cobwebby below.

Capitula solitary or few in a loose corymbose cyme; peduncles 2-9 cm long, erect, sparsely cobwebby, with several scarious scale leaves, passing into the leafy stem; involucres hemispherical, 2.5-3cm diam., 1.5-2 cm long; bract laminae imbricate, ovate, acute, stramineous to subhyaline, entire, smooth; intermediate bracts 1-2 cm long, with linear glandular claws mostly subequal to the laminae; ray florets 30-40; ligules linear, truncate, 10-24 mm long, very deeply 3-5- toothed, bright-yellow; disk florets numerous, yellow.

achenes c. 3 mm long, densely papillose; pappus bristles 20-40, barbellate.

Published illustration: Rotherham et al. (1975) Flowers and plants of New South Wales and southern Queensland, fig. 346.

Distribution:  Occurs in grassland, woodland and mallee, typically on soils of higher nutrient status.

  Qld; N.S.W.; Vic.; Tas.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: Sept. — Dec.

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