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Family: Compositae

Citation: F. Muell., J. Trans. Vict. Inst. 1:37 (1855).

Derivation: Greek pleura, side; pappus; referring to the oblique pappus attached asymmetrically to the achene.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Small annual herb with cobwebby non-glandular hairs; stems terete, slender, wiry; leaves cauline, sessile, entire, opposite at the first few internodes, alternate above.

Inflorescence a terminal compound head of numerous capitula aggregated on an elongated undivided axis, narrowly ellipsoid to ovoid; common involucre prominent, 2-seriate; outer bracts leaf-like, inner ones shorter, scarious; capitula minute, homogamous, each subtended by 4-6 scarious overlapping bracts; capitular involucral bracts 4, hyaline with an opaque mid-vein; florets 2 per capitulum, tubular, bisexual, 5-merous; corolla tapered or campanulate, with short acute equal lobes, yellow; anthers tailed at the base, with lanceolate apical appendages; style branches truncate.

Achenes ellipsoid, attached obliquely to the floret, papillose; pappus an oblique jagged scale.

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: (P.S. Short (1983) Muelleria 5:143-214.) Monotypic.

Author: Not yet available

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