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Family: Iridaceae

Citation: Sweet, Fl. Austr. t. 11 (1827).

Derivation: Greek orthros, morning; anthos, flower; referring to the short-lived flowers which open before noon.

Synonymy: Eveltria Raf., Fl. Tellur. 4:30 (1838). (D. Geerinck (1974) Bull. Jard. Bot. Nat. Belg. 44:36.)

Common name: None

Evergreen perennial herbs with short woody rhizomes forming dense clumps; leaves basal, numerous, equitant, flat, linear, erect; stem erect, terete, branched, with 1-3 reduced leaves.

Inflorescence compound, cymose; spathes herbaceous, paired, opposite; flowers several, actinomorphic, almost sessile, short-lived; floral tube extremely short; perianth-segments equal, all similar, spreading; stamens erect, exserted; filaments connate at the base; anthers oblong, dorsifixed, with large connectives; style deeply 3-fid with entire channelled filiform branches spreading horizontally between the stamens; stigmas minute, terminal; ovary elongated, sheathed by the spathe bracts.

Capsule ovoid-trigonous, on a short pedicel; seeds numerous, globose to angular; aril absent.

Distribution:  4 species native to southern Australia, and about 3 in South America and Mexico.

Biology: No text

Author: Not yet available

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