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Family: Fabaceae

Citation: Vent., Jard. Malm. 2:t. 104 (1805).

Derivation: After Lewis Kennedy, 1775-1818, nurseryman at Hammersmith, near London.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Perennials with prostrate trailing or twining stems, usually pubescent or villous, some softly woody at the base, with a tap root; leaves alternate, pinnately 3-foliolate or very rarely with an additional pair of leaflets or reduced to 1 leaflet, with stipels; stipules persistent.

Inflorescence axillary, in pedunculate umbels or racemose with flowers single, paired or in threes; bracts stipule-like and persistent or small and caducous, bracteoles absent; flowers rather large, showy; calyx-lobes about as long as the tube, upper 2 connate except at the tips; standard obovate to orbicular, clavate, sometimes with calli and auricles, wings falcate, keel incurved; upper stamen free, lower 9 connate into an open sheath, anthers equal; ovary with several ovules; style slender, beardless, with a terminal stigma.

Pod cylindrical, compressed, transverse-septate; seeds arillate.

Distribution:  Endemic in Australia, with 16 species.

Biology: No text

Uses: K. coccinea Vent., coral vine, from W.Aust. is often cultivated, having long (to 10 cm or more) peduncles, with several red flowers in an umbel.

Key to Species:
1. Standard oblong, with 2 yellowish parallel calli; flowers black, c. 3 cm long
K. nigricans 1.
1. Standard almost orbicular; flowers blue or red, 1-2.5 cm long
2. Flowers blue, 1-1.5 cm long; inflorescence 2-12-flowered
K. prorepens 2.
2. Flowers red, 2-2.5cm long; inflorescence 1-2- rarely more-flowered
K. prostrata 3.

Author: Not yet available

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