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Family: Umbelliferae
Hydrocotyle laxiflora

Citation: DC., Prod. 4:61 (1830).

Synonymy: H. densiflora DC., Prod. 4:67 (1830); H. candollei F. Muell., Key Syst. Vict. Plant. 1:267 (1888), nom. illegit.

Common name: Stinking pennywort, shitweed.

Dioecious perennial with creeping white or yellow underground rhizomes often more than 1 m long, rooting at each node and with long-petiolate single leaves or flowering branches protruding above the ground; branches erect or ascending, densely hirsute, hairs spreading; petioles and peduncles and both leaf-surfaces similarly hairy; leaf blade orbicular-cordate to reniform, 10-40 mm broad, usually with 9-11 short repeatedly-crenate lobes; stipules entire.

Peduncles usually longer than the leaves; umbels globular, with numerous (30-50) offensively smelling flowers; male flowers on long pedicels; petals pale-green, spreading; stamens long protruding; female flowers on short pedicels; petals usually caducous at anthesis and often remaining attached to each other, forming a cup; stamens rudimentary.

Fruit c. 2 mm long, c. 2.5 mm broad, smooth, granular or sometimes with a few hairs; carpophore absent; stylopodium depressed; styles long, erect or slightly divergent; mericarps with an obtuse dorsal rib and prominent intermediate ribs.

Published illustration: Burbidge & Gray (1970) Flora of the A.C.T., fig. 272; Beadle (1980) Students flora of north-eastern New South Wales, fig. 264B; Cunningham et al. (1982) Plants of western New South Wales, p. 543.

Distribution:  In woodland, in shady, somewhat humid places, often on loamy soil or in humus.

S.Aust.: FR, EP, NL, MU, SL, KI, SE.   Qld; N.S.W.; Vic.; Tas.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: Oct. — Dec.

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