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Family: Fabaceae

Citation: Benth., in Endl., Enum. Pl. Hügel 40 (1837).

Derivation: After the Countess von Hardenberg, a sister of Baron von Hügel. The latter collected plants in Western Australia in 1833.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Glabrous trailing or prostrate herbs or undershrubs, often supported by shrubs; leaves of 1 (in S.Aust.) or 3 or 5 entire stipellate leaflets; stipules small, striate.

Inflorescence of axillary racemes; flowers usually in pairs or small clusters, violet, white or pinkish, with a yellowish or greenish spot on the standard; flowers numerous, medium-sized, showy; bracts small, deciduous or rarely persistent; bracteoles none; calyx-teeth shorter than the tube; standard broadly orbicular; wings nearly as long, falcate; keel rather shorter, obtuse; upper stamen free, lower 9 connate into an open sheath; anthers alternately long and basifixed, short and versatile; ovary with several ovules; style gradually attenuate, stigma terminal.

Pod oblong, with or without pithy partitions; seed arillate.

Distribution:  2 species endemic to Australia, 1 in the eastern and 1 in the western part. Closely related to Kennedia from which it is distinguished by the short calyx teeth and keel.

Biology: No text

Author: Not yet available

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