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Family: Boraginaceae

Citation: Gaudich., Voy. aut. Monde (Bot.) 448 (1829).

Derivation: In honour of Emmanuel Halgan, 1771-1852, vice-admiral of the French navy.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Perennial shrubs more or less covered with hairs without a broad base and often mixed with glandular ones; leaves alternate, entire, toothed or serrate, petiolate to sessile.

Inflorescence terminal, with 1-5 erect scorpioid cymes with pedicellate flowers usually loosely arranged, with bracts absent on cymes; sepals more or less basally connate, scarcely elongating after flowering; corolla regular, rotate, more or less hairy outside but hairs often wear off; stamens with short free filaments inserted in the throat of the corolla tube, with anthers exposed above the corolla tube forming an erect column around the style, narrowly ovoid and with an appendage sometimes longer than the anther; ovary conical to almost cylindrical, 2- or 4-celled, with a terminal style ending in an exserted insignificant stigma.

Fruit indehiscent, drupaceous, with 1 rarely 2 pyrenes, smooth to slightly wrinkled when dried.

Distribution:  About 20 species endemic to mainland Australia. Halganias.

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: The genus Halgania is often placed in the family Ehretiaceae on account of its entire ovaries, drupaceous fruit and woody nature.

Key to Species:
1. Plants covered with simple hairs; calyx lobes unequal
H. andromedifolia 1.
1. Plants covered with double-ended hairs and often stalked glands; calyx lobes equal
2. Pedicels and young branches with stalked glands; inflorescence usually with more than 3 flowers
H. cyanea 2.
2. Pedicels and young branches without glands; inflorescence with 1, rarely to 3 flowers
H. erecta 3.

Author: Not yet available

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