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Family: Goodeniaceae
Goodenia benthamiana

Citation: Carolin, nom. & star. nov.1

Synonymy: Goodenia amplexans

Common name: None

Undershrub to 40 cm high, viscid, aromatic; stems erect to ascending, terete or slightly ridged, glandular-pubescent; leaves ovate to broadly elliptic, sessile, somewhat amplexicaul, obtuse to acute, 0.8-2.5 cm long, 0.4-0.2 cm wide, serrulate, densely glandular-pubescent with short hairs, sometimes varnished.

Flowers in leafy terminal racemes; bracts leaf-like; peduncle c. 2 mm long, articulated; bracteoles ovate to lanceolate, 2.5-3 mm long, glandular-pubescent; sepals ovate to lanceolate, 2-3 mm long, glandular-pubescent, adnate to the ovary for three-quarters of its length; corolla 10-12 mm long, yellow, glandular-pubescent outside, bearded inside, with a pocket about a quarter the length of the ovary; wings equal; auricles indistinct; anthers c. 1 mm long; style 3-4 mm long, straight, subglabrous; indusium broadly elliptic, c. 1.5 mm long, c. 1.4 mm wide, villous, deeply notched with a sinuate orifice beset with short white bristles; ovary glandular-pubescent; dissepiment just over half as long as the ovary, with ovules in 2 rows.

Capsule ovoid, c. 5 mm long, glandular-pubescent; valves entire; seeds flat, elliptic, c. 2 mm long, almost smooth, yellow-brown, with a thickened rim and a vestigial wing.

Distribution:  In mallee and broombush scrub.

S.Aust.: EP.   Vic.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: Sept. — Jan.

SA Distribution Map based
on current data relating to
specimens held in the
State Herbarium of South Australia

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: Goodenia benthamiana Carolin, nom. & star. nov. G. amplexans F. Muell. var. parvifolia Benth., Fl. Aust. 4:60 (1868).

Author: Not yet available

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