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Family: Haloragaceae
Glischrocaryon flavescens

Citation: Orch., Taxon 19:824 (1970).

Synonymy: Loudonia flavescens Drumm. in Hook., London J. Bot. 1:396 (1842); L. citrina F. Muell., Linnaea 25:385 (1853); L. roei sensu J. Black, Fl. S. Aust. 641 (1952), in part (Koch 282), auct. non (Endl.)Schldl. (1847).

Common name: None

Robust perennial herb; stems numerous, 75-90 cm tall, pithy, 5-8 (rarely 3) mm diam.; leaves linear to narrow-lanceolate, 20-30 (rarely 60)mm long, 1.5-3 mm wide, tapering gradually to the tip, often deciduous.

Inflorescence consisting of compound dichasia of c. 31 flowers; primary bracts green to yellow, lanceolate, 5.5-6 mm long, 1.2-1.4 mm wide, often adnate to the peduncles of the dichasia; higher order bracts (bracteoles) similar but smaller; flowers 4-merous, cream to sulphur-yellow, paler than other species; sepals deltoid, 0.6-0.7 mm long; petals boat-shaped, 3.4-3.9 (rarely to 4.5) mm long, tips reflexed in bud; stamens 8; anthers linear, 2-2.6 (rarely 3.2) mm long; styles 0.9-1 mm long, stigmas orange-yellow; ovary obovoid, 0.9-1.5 mm long, 4-winged, the wings decurrent on the sepals and pedicel.

Fruit cream, on a pedicel c. 3.5 mm long, ovoid-oblong, 5.5-6.5 mm long, wing c. 0.5 mm wide, pericarp swollen, more or less flat between the wings.

Published illustration: Orchard (in press) Fl. Aust. 18.

Distribution:  S.Aust.: FR, EP, NL, MU.   W.Aust.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: Aug. — Dec.

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Biology: No text

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