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Family: Fabaceae

Citation: R. Br., in W.T. Aiton, Hort. Kew. edn 2, 3:16 (1811).

Derivation: Greek eu, well; taxis, arrangement in row; referring to the regular arrangement of leaves.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Shrubs; leaves opposite, decussate, entire, flattish, concave with more or less involute margins; stipules minute or absent.

Flowers yellow and orange, red-brown or purple, axillary, 1 or few, sometimes crowded at the ends of the branches; bracts small, deciduous or absent; bracteoles distal on the pedicels, persistent; calyx 5-lobed, the 2 upper more or less united into a lip; petals on rather long claws; standard orbicular, longest; wings oblong; keel obtuse; all stamens free; ovary narrowed at the base, sessile or stipitate, pubescent or rarely glabrous; style filiform, incurved or thicker and hooked near the apex; stigma terminal; ovules 2.

Pod ovoid or flattened; seed usually with a 2-lobed aril.

Distribution:  Endemic in Australia with about 8 species; chiefly in W.Aust.

Biology: No text

Author: Not yet available

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