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Family: Poaceae

Citation: Kunth, in Humb., Bonpl. & Kunth, Nov. Gert. & Sp. Pl. 1:94 (1816).

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: Cupgrasses.

Annual or perennial; leaf blade flat; ligule of hairs.

Inflorescence a panicle of racemes; spikelets 1-flowered, acute, dorsally compressed, erect, adaxial (i.e. with the first glume towards the axis), supported on a hardened disk-like callus which is articulated on the short pedicel, arranged in 1 or 2 rows along one side of the slender racemes; first glume vestigial; second glume and sterile lemma faintly 5-nerved, the lemma rather shorter than the glume, the sterile lemma shorter, coriaceous, ovate, mucronate; the palea also hardened, similar but not mucronate. (The callus is thought to represent a rudimentary glume in which case what is called here the second glume is actually a sterile lemma).

Distribution:  About 20 species from warm areas.

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Fertile glume up to half as long as the long-acuminate spikelet
2. Spikelets 6-12 mm long; leaf sheath more or less inflated; annual
E. australiensis 1.
2. Spikelets 4.5-6 mm long; leaf sheath not inflated; perennial
E. pseudoacrotricha 3.
1. Fertile glume distinctly longer than the acute or acuminate spikelet
E. crebra 2.

Author: Not yet available

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