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Electronic Flora of South Australia genus Fact Sheet

Family: Compositae

Citation: Steetz, in Lehm., Pl. Preiss. 1:445 (1845).

Derivation: Greek khthonos, earth, ground; kephale, head; refering to the way the inflorescences, 'heads', rest on the ground.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Annual herbs; leaves alternate or apparently opposite, sessile, tomentose.

Inflorescence a compound head of 2-40 capitula; general involucre absent, compound heads surrounded by the leaves; general receptacle disc-shaped, naked; capitular bracts in a single whorl and each bract consisting of an opaque green midrib with a hyaline apex and narrow hyaline margins, the outer surface of the midrib and the hyaline margins with long hairs; partial receptacle with hyaline scales, the scale margins entire to laciniate or sometimes long-ciliate; florets 10-40 per capitulum, tubular, bisexual, 3- or 4-, rarely 5-merous; style branches truncate and with short sweeping hairs; stamens 3 or 4, rarely 5; anthers tailed and each with a terminal appendage.

Achenes obovoid, glabrous; pappus absent.

Distribution:  About 5 species, endemic to Australia. (P.S. Short (1981) Muelleria 4:395-417.)

Biology: No text

Author: Prepared by P.S. Short

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