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Electronic Flora of South Australia genus Fact Sheet

Family: Compositae

Citation: Turcz., Bull. Soc. Nat. Mosc. 24:68 (1851).

Derivation: Greek keras, keratos, a horn; gyne, female; referring to the horn-like appendages on the achene.

Synonymy: Diotosperma A. Gray, Hook. Ic. 9:t. 855 (1852).

Common name: None

Small annual herb; vestiture non-glandular; leaves basal and cauline, alternate, sessile, often appearing opposite, flat, entire.

Inflorescence an unbranched cyme with each terminal capitulum overtopped by a branch arising immediately below; capitula minute, subsessile, discoid, heterogamous; involucres cup-shaped; bracts herbaceous, uniseriate; receptacle minute, naked; outer florets female, uniseriate, hardly ligulate; style branches linear, subterete, glabrous with rounded apices.

Achenes flat, with involute herbaceous wings produced into appendages at the apex, pubescent, accrescent; pappus absent; inner florets tubular, bisexual, sterile, 3- or 4-merous; anthers acute at the base with a short acute apex; style almost entire, papillose near the apex; inner achenes abortive.

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: Monotypic.

Author: Not yet available

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