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Family: Cyperaceae

Citation: Palla, in Hallier, Syn. Deutsch. Schweiz. Fl. edn 3, 3:2531 (1905).

Derivation: Greek bolbos, a bulb; Schoenus a genus of Cyperaceae from which it was considered separable by the swellings on the stem.

Synonymy: Scirpus section Bolboschoenus Asch., Fl. Brand. 1:753 (1864). About 16 species, cosmopolitan; 3 in Australia. Formerly often treated in Scirpus. K. Wilson (1981) Telopea 2:153-172 is followed in recognising Bolboschoenus and the key is taken from that publication. (Moore & Edgar (1970) Flora of New Zealand 2:174-175.)

Common name: None

Perennial herbs with creeping rhizomes, with swollen nodes along the culms and usually tubers on the rhizomes; aerial stems erect, leafy throughout.

Inflorescence terminal but often appearing lateral; involucral bracts leaf-like, 1 to several; inflorescence umbel-like, with several rays, the branches not scabrous; spikelets several-flowered, clustered, 1-4 cm long, ovoid or cylindrical; glumes spirally arranged around the rhachilla; flowers bisexual; stamens 3; style slender throughout, deciduous, 2- or 3-fid; hypogynous bristles mostly 3-6, retrorsely scabrid.

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Style 2-fid; nut obovoid-lenticular with concave sides, straw-coloured to a deep golden-brown, the surface more or less shining, minutely reticulate
B. caldwellii 1.
1. Style 2- or 3-fid; nut plano-convex, or trigonous with convex sides, red-brown to black, the surface shining, not obviously, reticulate.
B. medianus 2.

Author: Not yet available

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