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Family: Fabaceae
Acacia imbricata


Citation: F. Mueller, Fragm. Phyt. Aust. 1:5 (1858).

Derivation: imbricata (L.)—covered with tiles or scales; refers to the overlapping phyllodes.

Synonymy: Acacia lineata

Common name: None

Dense, spreading, glabrous shrubs 1-2 m high; branches numerous thin, ascending and somewhat willowy and marked with numerous raised phyllode bases; branchlets reddish-brown, acutely angular.

Phyllodes linear-oblong, 10-16 mm long, 1.5-2 mm broad, flat erect, crowded, imbricate, glabrous, 1-veined, lateral veins absent, apex almost truncate with a short oblique mucro at the outer margin, slightly narrowed towards the base; glands only at apex below the mucro.

Inflorescences simple and axillary, solitary or twin; flower-heads globular, bright yellow, 10-15-flowered; peduncles slender, glabrous 10-20 mm long; flowers 5-merous.

Legumes broadly linear, straight or slightly curved, slightly compressed, light brown with a papery texture; margins straight. Seeds longitudinal or slightly oblique in legume, ovoid; funicle very short, passing abruptly into a prominent aril.

Distribution:  Endemic to S.Aust., and restricted to the southern part of Eyre Peninsula region in the Port Lincoln, Cummins, Tumby Bay area and associated with open forest, woodland or open scrub vegetation. Soils; mainly hard acidic neutral and sandy alkaline yellow duplex. Rainfall 400-500 mm.

S.Aust.: EP.

Conservation status: Lang & Kraehenbuehl (1987) and Briggs & Leigh (1988) both consider this species Vulnerable.

Flowering time: July — September.

SA Distribution Map based
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State Herbarium of South Australia

Biology: No text

Related taxa: Acacia triquetra (sp. 11) is similar in habit, differs in having oblong, spreading--erect, never imbricate, phyllodes, usually a small gland on upper margins. Acacia lineata (sp. 9) is a more rigid shrub and has linear erect phyllodes which differ in being thicker and whose vein is close to one margin.

Taxonomic notes: The relationships of A. imbricata are discussed in Maslin & Whibley (1987). They consider it closely related to A. triquetra and perhaps not distinct from it. However the two species do not overlap in distribution.

Cultivation: A very showy shrub covered with flowers in spring, suitable for ornamental, rockery or roadside planting; fast growth rate.

Author: Not yet available


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