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Alternative names: Not Applicable

Leaves narrow, mostly radical, sometimes reduced to basal sheaths (cataphylls).

Inflorescence mainly cymose, the cymes sometimes contracted into clusters or expanded into panicles; flowers small, usually bisexual, with or without bracteoles at the base and often arranged in clusters; perianth glume-like, persistent, of 6 lobes or segments in 2 rows, spreading when in flower; stamens 3-6, attached at the base of the perianth; anthers 2-celled; ovary superior, 1- or 3-celled, each cell with 1 to numerous erect anatropous ovules attached to parietal or basal placentas; style 3-branched.

Capsule opening loculicidally by 3 valves; seeds small, with a small embryo within the mealy albumen (endosperm) near the micropyle and hilum, the testa sometimes produced at one or both ends of the seed into a short hyaline appendage or tail.

Distribution:  About 9 genera and 400 species mainly in the temperate regions. 2 genera in Australia.

Biology: No text

Key to Genera:
1. Leaves glabrous, cylindrical, channelled or flat, sometimes reduced to basal sheaths; capsule 3-celled, with numerous seeds
1. Leaves hairy, flat; capsule with 1 cell containing 3 seeds

Author: Prepared by J.P. Jessop

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